Bank Jatim

Bank Jatim is an East Java regional-owned business entity engaged in banking, which plays a role in encouraging the growth of regional economic potential in developing small and medium credit business sectors in East Java.

The Story

As a regional goverment bank, Bank Jatim's services focus on creating a better economy for the people of East Java. We want to convey the bank's stride through our design and share the spirit with the customers. Thinking about something strong to bring out the bold character of East Java's people, we chose to turn the company's primary color, red, into a dynamic and elegant supergraphic.

Red is believed to represent the courage of life, strength and leadership, which also describes the relentless energy and spirit of Bank Jatim. The combination of various shades of red colors, ranging from bright to dark, gives depth and strong character impression for the professional and dedicated company.

We maximize the modern impression into every communication and publication media design, to align with various technology-based facilities owned by Bank Jatim according to the current era. To balance the main color, we added a neutral color as a companion to every design we created. White can also serve as a clean space to put written content on, giving it proper contrast and readibility.

Project Manager: Indra
Creative Director: Melvin
Graphic Designers: Melvin, Johanna, Rudi, Erika
Account Executive: Dila, Dita, Claudia

Not only communication and publication media, we also designed facilities for several activities related to Corporate Social Responsibility. One of them is a car vehicle, where each type of car is distinguished by its design. We made two variations of billboard media, horizontally and vertically, with a simple, clean and modern design to make it easier for the viewers to understand the provided information.

All information about the identity of Bank Jatim is included in the visual identity guidebook. From the introduction of logos, communication and publication media, office equipment design, to promotional needs related to Bank Jatim social activities. We want to show the professional side through the layout that we created in the manual, with a clean, simple and structured touch in the best possible appearance.