Farah's Carpet

Farah's Carpet is one of the best and favorite stores to shop authentic carpets in Indonesia. We create a website with a middle eastern feel design and display their original products from Turkey and around the world.

The Story

Since 1974, They have a big collection of machine-made, handmade carpets & prayer mats from Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kashmir, and Central Asia. They want to update the performance and appearance of the website, so customers could feel the vibe of authentic and flawless carpets that they can get only in Farah’s Carpets.

We started by creating a framework for what segments need to be on the website to build a more trustworthy brand image. Then we brainstorming together, to point out the excellence Farah’s have so that they can stand out more than their competitors. We also create several systems on the website to help our clients display all their products more clearly and in detail, and their customers can also browse the website very easily and convincingly.

Project Manager: Indra
Creative Director: Melvin
Graphic Designers: Johanna
Account Executive: Claudia


In terms of UI, we design with the client's desire to have a typical middle eastern design. We harmonize colors, typography, and graphic ornaments so that the impression of the brand does not become old-fashioned but remains modern, attractive, and gives a classic touch to add an exclusive impression.

In terms of UX, we provide a backend system that makes it easy for clients to manage websites in terms of content, products, portfolios to company information with steps that are easily understood without the need to hire an IT person. We also enhance by giving a touch of effects so that the website looks smooth, detailed, and international class.