A beauty clinic designated for Moslem female customers, Hayyu is committed to provide beauty treatment services and products in accordance with Islamic principles and rules.

The Story

Despite having been around since 2017, Hayyu felt that their old visual identity did not convey their brand positioning very well as it lacked in islamic elements and emotional touch. In this rebranding project, we renewed Hayyu's logo and supergraphic with the aims of strengthening Hayyu's brand identity.

We created two separate supergraphic for Hayyu's clinic and product to allow both of them communicate their respective identity: the clinic is meant to give off the feeling of professionality alongside comfort, while the products need to strongly convey beauty in their looks.


The modern Islamic look and feel appears in Hayyu's logotype and logomark which resembles the style of arabic caligraphy. The typeface used in logotype is adapted from Arabic letters as well. This is aimed to emphasize Hayyu's identity as a beauty clinic targeted mainly for moslem women. In addition, the flower-shaped logomark and the flowing lines of the logo give the sense of beauty and elegance in overall.

Supergraphic for Products

The supergraphic in Hayyu's products packaging is a representation of women's beauty that radiates through their confident upbringing as a result of taking a good care of themselves with Hayyu. This pattern allows various and dynamic application on a wide range of packaging types, either used partially or as a whole.

Supergraphic for Clinic

Consisting of flower pattern, this supergraphic brings out elegant-feminine look and feel when applied in the interior of Hayyu's clinics. This pattern is executed in clean and modern style to mark the brand's renewed image. Furthermore, the pattern can also be applied in multiple positions and configurations that correspond with Hayyu's branding needs.