A Japanese quick-service restaurant that serves authentic street food ramen to match Japan's unique culture. The brand's overall visual will lead you to imagine what it's like when people are enjoying a bowl of ramen that they ate while on the streets of Tokyo, Japan.

The Story

Jonkira came to us with a unique concept: a diner serving authentic Japanese ramen that is halal in Indonesia. As we know, many of our citizens like Japanese food, especially ramen. However, not all ramen sellers in Indonesia can make the distinctive taste of Japanese ramen. We needed to build a brand that can provide the experience of eating Japanese ramen from both sides, taste and atmosphere.

We took inspiration from various things uniquely found in Japan, such as traditional folding fans, lucky charm dolls, sumo and Japanese patterns to bring out the vibes. Also, you can feel the Japanese concept just by looking at the logotype which is adapted from the Japanese script in a modern and simple style.

Project Manager: Indra
Creative Director: Melvin
Graphic Designer: Jaklin
Account Executive: Claudia

Booth & Environment

Japan has a long history in a bowl of ramen. Many legendary ramen shops have loyal customers even though they have limited seating, and some only have a bar with stools for patrons to eat at. Jonkira has another thought that Indonesian people like togetherness and warmth when eating, so we prepare a dining area that is spacious and comfortable enough to accommodate ramen lovers.

When you come to Jonkira's place, you will find yourself eating ramen at a local ramen shop in Japan. The combination of decorative lanterns, small flags, wall decoration, and the dominance of the light wood color typical of Japanese interiors will make you fall in love in an instant.