An addition to the growing business of fried chicken in Indonesia, Nyayap presents modern chicken wings menu wrapped in Korean flavour and concept.

The Story

The clients wanted to build a brand of Korean chicken wings that is modern, youthful, and fun. They aim to attract K-drama viewers who like to follow the trend of Korean culinary as seen on screen, as well as those who simply love to explore new flavours. Collaborating with food vlogger Ken and grat as widely known by the Indonesian people, they hope that the opportunity to expose and go viral will be greater.

Project Manager: Indra
Creative Director: Melvin
Graphic Designers: Jaklin, Rudi, Johanna
Account Executive: Claudia, Dila

With Korean concept as its core, Nyayap rode the trend of the happening K-drama “Itaewon Class” and took inspiration form the colourful ambience of the series. We came up with multiple colours concept for the brand to give off the fun, dynamic and youthful vibes while also keeping it harmonious. The mascot appearing in the logo adds to its friendliness, making it suitable for street culinary targeted for middle-low market.

Booth & Environment

We were thinking of creating an outdoor booth that is both eye catching and showing the identity as chicken wing brand. Thus, we made the booth design modern with simple square shape. We added chicken comb on the top and wings on the sides of the booth for the details, along with neon letters.

As for the dine-in outlet, we combined the colourful ambience with clean industrial interior style. Wire mesh and neon letters were also added as ornaments, which increase the outlet’s resemblance to the bars in Korea and raise up familiarity among K-drama fans.