Comes as a brand of new food with the main menu of fish, Sempatin will increase and advance the trend of fish consumption in Indonesia.

The Story

Sempatin stands for Sempetin Makan Patin. As the name says, the brand sells grilled catfish from Kalimantan, Indonesia, that locals call it ikan patin. The grilled catfish's food has become a staple in the area. However, for areas outside Kalimantan, catfish cuisine is still quite rare.

This is what motivates Sempatin to provide new and different alternatives to eating fish compared to other major cities in Indonesia. The use of unique seasonings differentiates the taste of Sempatin from the other similar cuisine.

Sempatin also wants to make it possible for everyone, especially young people who are at first not accustomed or unwilling to eat fish, to take fish as one of their preffered daily meal. Thus, we are inspired to create a design concept that reflects millenials.

Project Manager: Indra
Creative Director: Melvin
Graphic Designers: Andhika, Rudi, Johanna
Account Executive: Claudia

Booth & Environment

Taking the idea of something identical to the grill, our mind went to the nature camping activity with the atmosphere of gathering together while grilling fresh fish. We then implemented the campfire and cottage theme into a modern booth concept with some prop ornaments such as rocks and woods are used to accentuate the feel.

The same warm touch also went to the dine-in outlet, with a facade adopting the shape of wooden cottage, decorated with curtains in the doorway resembling the front of a camping tent. Various light ornaments were also added to indicate modern and fun impressions.