Fueled by the concern of how lifestyle significantly affects the well-being of earth and environment, Siklus presents services and products for daily needs by incorporating green innovation. The ultimate goal is to drive the cycle of sustainable lifestyle practices, particularly reducing the use of disposable plastics, throughout generations.

The Story

From the name Siklus, which translates into cycle, we derived an understanding that a sustainable lifestyle is where people do not only take what earth offers, but also give back and take care of it. When this way of living is passed down to the next generations, we will be maintaining the earth’s well-being for the long term.
The concept became the root of the new logo; a symbol of cycle made of two hands in embracing gesture. The hands respectively represent Siklus and its consumers, while the overall circle shape resembles the earth. This implies that Siklus with its consumers are continuously doing collective effort to take care of the earth.

In running its business, Siklus also has educational purpose of raising the awareness of our society towards sustainable lifestyle. A set of original characters along with their background story were specifically created for Siklus to help communicate the messages in engaging manner.

One of the underlining reasons behind this rebranding project is for Siklus to expand its reach towards younger generations. Therefore, we chose vibrant brand colors that bring out Siklus’ lively spirit that match these youngsters’persona. That being said, whitespaces are also used to create balance so as to keep the design modern, neat, and professional. Accompanied with supporting graphics, we provide the brand a dynamic room of visual exploration to use in any medium and varying purposes.

Project Manager: Indrajaya
Creative Director: Melvin
Graphic Designer: Rudi, Johanna
Account Executive: Fadilah
Timeline Manager: Claudia